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SOLD 1964 Thompson Chain Reference Bible KJV. Indexed, smyth sewn, edge-lined binding. Steel Grey Crazy Horse pull-up cowhide cover, navy blue Scottish cowhide liner. Four gold ribbons, 2 shades. Perimeter stitched. No markings. This beautiful, durable, classic Bible is ready for a lifetime of study! 

Price $160

SOLD The Message Remixed. Smyth sewn, edge lined binding. Paragraph format. Turquoise pull-up Elkskin cover, metallic silver cowhide liner. Contrasting double perimeter stitched. Raised Hubs. Silver gilt page edges. Three double sided ribbons. No markings. Perfect gift for the young reader. One-of-a-kind!

Price $125

SOLD Cambridge Diadem ESV with Apocrypha. Smyth Sewn, edge lined binding. Blue Deerskin cover, burnt orange cowhide liner. Perimeter stitched, raised ribs, three double sided blue ribbons. No markings. Soft, durable, limp in the hand. 

Price $150

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